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Paintings, Sculpture, and DANCE!

From March 13th to today, (May 13th), like much of the world, I’ve been home. While many have still been able to work the ol’ day job, I have not, so I have been working a LOT on getting Copper Frog Games’ lineup solidified for the summer. What does that involve? Read on to find out!

Pigment is still available, but in VERY VERY short supply. We mailed out almost 40 copies to backers of the Chiseled tier that included our first game, despite some issues getting shipping supplies, and now are down to the last case we have available.

Yeah. Lots to process there.

Pigment was a highly popular game, but lack of distribution options meant it was mostly available at conventions and in the Massachusetts area, at several shops. As such, selling through our entire print run is a huge accomplishment. While I’ve discussed “The Grand Bazaar” in the past, my focus has been on Chiseled polish, and it’s been waylaid a bit by not having in-person playtesters to help out. A major appealing factor of Pigment is the tactile picking and placing of cubes and Apprentices, so Tabletop Simulator isn’t the best platform for it. However, we’ve been pushing hard on Chiseled production, and now are almost ready to get samples printed!

Chiseled is slated for a September 2020 release, and at the rate we’re going, there’s a good chance the game will be shipping a bit EARLY! Don’t quote me on that, but still, things are flying. We’ve got the rulebook laid out with new graphics, icons have been redesigned to improve accessibility, and manufacturing has been nailed down for this summer. We’re thrilled to get this unique deck-sculpting game out to backers, and eventually to retail.

Finally, I mentioned Tabletop Simulator above; one of the ways I’ve been keeping busy and keeping creative is with a new project titled “Littlest Dance Party” that I’ve been testing with select playtesters remotely via TTS. LDP is a tile-laying game about mice having a dance party while the cats are away. After all, while the cat’s away, the mice will play, right? Ferrets, Moles, Chipmunks, and Mice get played around the Disco Ball, moving, removing, and swapping with existing cards to strategically position them to score the most. However, players won’t know which of the six colors their opponents are scoring– they may inadvertently help their opponent by pushing one color over the others!

Littlest Dance Party is a delightful, cute, and strategic game for 2-5 players, which plays in about 20-30 minutes. It’s a perfect filler or family game, and I can’t wait to show more. For now, take a look at these cute li’l guys:

All art is prototype and temporary. It will change. It will DANCE!

I’ll try to keep this page more updated with news, but until next time, know that Copper Frog Games is working hard on Chiseled, thinking towards the future of Artistic Games for All, and trying to stay safe and sane until life resumes. If you’re interested in learning more about Littlest Dance Party or Chiseled progress, you know where to find me.

Looking for a game to play? Order Pigment today while supplies last, or pre-order Chiseled to get shipping reduced!