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About Us

About Us

Copper Frog Games LLC, established in September 2015 and located in the Greater Boston Area, is dedicated to bringing great games to market in a variety of genres and styles. We focus especially on tabletop games with strong artistic or literary ties, but have interests in a wide variety of themes and mechanics. Our first major title, Pigment, was Kickstarted successfully in November 2017, and we plan to return with more games in the near future.

We have demoed our games at Gen Con, PAX East, PAX Unplugged, Boskone, Arisia, and TempleCon, and plan on attending many more conventions and events in the future. Follow along with the Blog and sign up below for our mailing list for the most up-to-date event information, as well as Kickstarter launches or other ways to get our games.


Copper Frog Games offers consulting services on tabletop game design and development. Email us with the contact form below to learn more.


Friends and Colleagues

We’ve been fortunate to work with many great designers, artists, and companies since forming. Here are a few of them!

Michael Epstein

Founder and lead designer, Michael Epstein

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