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Copper Frog Games LLC

A game design company specializing in tabletop board and card games in a variety of genres, themes, and mechanics.

Currently located in the Greater Boston Area in Massachusetts, USA.

Founded in 2015 by Michael Epstein while studying English, Creative Writing, and Game Design at Northeastern University.

Michael’s Listed Game Credits

  • Tattoo! The Game of Ink
    • Lead Designer
    • Picked up for publication by Gaming Paper in Fall 2015
  • Pigment
    • Lead Designer
    • 50-copy hand-assembled print run released at PAX East 2017– sold 49 copies despite being in digital games section of convention
    • Jerry Holkins (Tycho Brahe) of Penny Arcade tweeted out his support for the game after buying a copy at PAX East
  • A.E.G.I.S.: Combining Robot Strategy Game (Zephyr Workshop)
    • Rules editor, playtester, lore writer and Kickstarter consultant
    • Consults on other new game projects as a designer as well
  • Zpocalypse (Greenbrier Games)
    • Rules proofreader and editor for 2nd printing rulebook

Michael is available as a consultant on game projects, lore development, and other writing or editing in the games industry. Email us if you have any questions.