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Future Projects

Future Projects from Copper Frog Games LLC

ISP: Internet Service Purchasers

A social manipulation and blind-bidding card game set in America, 2018. Play as politicians seeking re-election by smearing your opponents out of the race by buying their browsing histories.

To A Flame

A cooperative survival card game about building fires in silence to avoid freezing to death. Where there's light, there's hope...

Available in limited quantities at Gen Con 2017.

Seek and Go Hyde

A Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-themed territory control game, set immediately after the events of the novella in the home of the late Henry Jekyll. Explore the house, find items from the novella, and turn on your colleagues with sweeping betrayals as a monster over the course of a single night in the house and lab.

Download the Sell Sheet for Seek and Go Hyde here.

We are looking into various publishing options now for this game. Email us if you're interested in acquiring this fast, strategic, literary-inspired game!

Card Game of Fightingness

A "take-that" style combat card game of fantastic Personas, based loosely on the idea of making "+1 Flaming, Shocking Longswords" in Dungeons & Dragons 3/3.5e. This was the first game ever made under the Copper Frog Games moniker in 2013, and features Persona art by Jason Butera, which can be found here.