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New Site – Copper Frog Games charges into Summer 2017

This is it! The new Copper Frog Games LLC website is now live, and with that, we have some announcements!

Tattoo! The Game of Ink

We are proud to announce that Tattoo! The Game of Ink is currently scheduled for a September-October 2017 return to Kickstarter. We learned so much from our first attempt last year to get this game out there, and have worked in many improvements to the new campaign, including a much lower goal and a lighter box that still contains all the tattoo goodness you know and love. Stay tuned for more info on that soon, including sneak-peeks of new art for our mailing list members.

PAX East Pigment SetsPigment

After a fantastic showing at PAX East 2017 in March with our friends and the publishers of Tattoo! The Game of Ink, Gaming Paper, we are pleased to report that we are still going strong with Pigment. We came to  PAX with 50 copies for sale, and left with only one remaining. To all the fans of Pigment we met there, thank you! You all made this convention a success  We’ll be announcing further Pigment updates later this year, but until then, keep playing it, keep talking to friends about it, and follow us on social media to see more pics. These 50 copies are the first step in getting this great game out into the market, so cherish them. We’ll also be running a contest soon to give away that 50th PAX copy, and to get another fan in on the Renaissance painting action!


With two titles currently locked and loaded, we’re going to be returning to Gen Con in Indianapolis later this summer for the best four days in gaming! At Gen Con we’ll have limited copies of a new game called To A Flame, and we’ll be posting more information on that soon. Following Gen Con, our plan is currently to attend and sell some games at the inaugural PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia. We’ll let you know the when, where, and how if we get in, along with any other convention appearances in 2017 here on the new blog!

This is only a sample of the things we have planned for 2017, so definitely follow along here, on social media (Facebook and Twitter), and sign up for our mailing list to get first-looks at new games, programs, giveaways, and more!

Shine on!

Michael Epstein
Director, Lead Designer
Copper Frog Games LLC


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