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You are master painters of the Renaissance!
...or you would be, if you had the pigments needed to paint your masterpieces!

Pigment is a fast, fun, minimalist worker placement game for 2-3 players where you take on the roles of rival Renaissance painters. Each painter must send their two Apprentices to gather pigments from the ever-evolving Bazaar to paint their masterpieces. However, the path between the many stalls is narrow, so only one Apprentice may visit each pair of stalls in a round, and must choose which stall effect to utilize once placed. As well, each painting completed will offer a unique Premier Piece bonus effect when on top of your gallery, allowing for even more strategic choices and ways to benefit players. Race to fill your gallery with paintings first to win!

"This game is f***ing baller.
-Jerry Holkins (Tycho) of Penny Arcade and PAX, PAX East 2017

Copper Frog Games debuted Pigment at PAX East 2017 with 50 hand-assembled copies. We have only one remaining from that original batch after that weekend. Sign up for our newsletter below to be alerted to a giveaway for this copy in the future, as well as further development updates for the game!

  • Elegant Theme:
    Pigment's simple worker-placement mechanics and painterly theme are very approachable and quick to learn.
  • Dynamic Choices:
    Each Bazaar Card has two stalls to visit, but you can only choose one per Apprentice each round... and each stall won't be around for long!
  • Beautiful Art:
    Featuring Bazaar Card art by the talented Emily Hancock, and paintings from real masters of the Renaissance from Raphael to Da Vinci, Titian to Botticelli, a game of Pigment played in public is sure to draw a crowd.
  • Pocket-Sized Worker Placement Fun:
    Pigment's inexpensive cost, small size, and short play time make it an ideal "gateway game" for not-yet-gamers who love art.
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Copper Frog Games is currently exploring several publication options for Pigment for late 2017/early 2018. Stay tuned for more information soon! Can't wait to pick up a copy? Be the first to get updates on design, production, and distribution when you join our newsletter!