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Pigment – Summer 2017 Update

Hello my friends! Michael here, still recovering from a car accident in June that left me largely unable to work (I am dictating this post to family members to avoid finger-pecking on my keyboard with one hand). I have been thinking long and hard about the follow-up game to Tattoo! The Game of Ink that we debuted at PAX East 2017 in March. That’s right: let’s talk Pigment.

PAX East Pigment Sets

As you may know, we had 50 hand-assembled copies of Pigment on sale at PAX East, and left with only 1 copy remaining. Not bad for not even being in the tabletop section of the show! We apologize to those of you who sought us out there, but alas, we were in the video game section. A glowing recommendation from Jerry Holkins (Tycho Brahe) of Penny Arcade on Twitter drove several fans-to-be to our booth, and we greatly appreciate his kind words and support. (Jerry, if you’re reading this, contact us to get an updated copy!)

Jerry Holkins at PAX East with Pigment copy #16

So what’s next for this game of Renaissance painters who have run out of paints? Simple: We publish this little game and get it out on the market! Copper Frog Games LLC is looking into Kickstarting Pigment in late 2017 or early 2018, right after the next PAX convention we’ll be attending, PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA. We have been thinking about good ways to get the game out, and self-publishing this game seems the best option at this stage. Our goal has always been to create a game that is both fast, affordable, and portable enough for even not-yet-gamers to enjoy, and based on our experiences (and those of fans) playing it with parents, retirees, and even young children, the game’s intuitive and fast enough to keep players engaged and excited to keep playing. Plus, the game’s art has only improved since PAX East. Take a look at some of the new Bazaar Cards below!

So that’s where Pigment is. We continue to update art, graphic design, and the list of paintings included, (there’s 16 in the full version now, meaning that it is no longer possible to tie in 3-player games), and look forward to showing the newest art and layout at Gen Con and PAX Unplugged this year. Sign up for our mailing list to stay updated on when we’re taking the game to Kickstarter, and to get sneak-peeks behind the scenes at box art from the talented Emily Hancock, a logo revamp, and more!

Our next major post will be about our convention appearances this year, as well as what to look forward to once my finger can bend again and I can continue to work.

Thank you all for your patience!

Michael Epstein

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