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Tattoo! The Game of Ink

Tattoo! The Game of Ink

The Game

Tattoo! The Game of Ink is a card placement game where body art enthusiasts race to gain the most points before the available tattoo designs run out. Buy, place and score designs from five major themes of tattoos onto your individual Arm Board, and chain similarly themed designs for bonuses. However, your Arm Board has limited space, so to keep scoring, you’ll need to pay to Laser off old designs for fresh ink later!

Tattoo! The Game of Ink is being published by Gaming Paper LLC. Can’t wait to pick up a copy? Get notified first when we’re on Kickstarter by getting our newsletter!

Tattoo! The Game of Ink Background
Cover art by Nolan Nasser
  • Unique, Vivid Theme:
    Tattoo! The Game of Ink features card art by over 25 tattoo artists from around the country in order to showcase this unique art form.
  • Dynamic Victory Points:
    You need points to win the game, but you can also spend them to buy more designs each round. Balancing spending points and saving them is key to victory!
  • Strategic, Indirect Opposition:
    Build sweeping chains across your Arm Board to be the best-inked with 2, 3, or 4 players!

Tattoo! The Game of Ink is easy to learn for those new to tabletop gaming but who love tattoo art, while offering multiple strategic options for more experienced players as well.

Will you go big and prominent with your design purchases, or aim for many smaller, similarly themed designs? Save your points or spend them to buy ever-more impressive ink? Look for Tattoo! The Game of Ink on Kickstarter this Fall to find out!

Tattoo! The Game of Ink

Tattoo! The Game of Ink was inspired by the increasing acceptance of body art in everyday society, and our wanting to demonstrate the beauty and skill that exists in the world of tattoos. This game is an homage to tattoo artists and their living canvases, and we hope you enjoy it!

Interested in learning more, or in reviewing the game as we approach the Kickstarter date? Just want to show us your favorite tattoo? Contact us!