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Tribal Helix, Electric Guitar, Key

Tattoo! The Game of Ink – Summer 2017 Update

Despite some major setbacks due to a car accident leaving me with a messed up hand in mid-June, it’s been a very productive month here at Copper Frog Games. We’ll be posting a few key updates on our games and convention schedule over the next few days: this is the first, for our lead title, Tattoo! The Game of Ink. 

Where We Left Off

Copper Frog Games and our publisher Gaming Paper launched a Kickstarter for Tattoo! The Game of Ink last August, the day before Gen Con 2016. While it did not succeed at reaching its funding goal, the Kickstarter was a valuable learning experience for us, and we appreciate everyone who pledged for the game to come out. We had a great time demoing through Gen Con, Templecon, and more that month, but ultimately pulled the campaign to revise it and to ensure we had the rest of the art, and a cheaper shipping solution– two things the first campaign needed to succeed. Almost 10 months later, we’re coming back!

Where We Are Now

First and foremost, we’ve managed to get all of the great tattoo art we need for the game assigned, and are only waiting on 3 pieces to come in before we print a box for Gen Con! Tattoo! The Game of Ink features art from over 25 tattoo artists from around the country, and we’re super-psyched to share some of it here today with you!

Tribal Double Helix, Electric Guitar, Key
Tribal Double Helix (Ian Hunter), Electric Guitar (Lars Van Zandt), Key (Leah Farrow)

Interesting Art Factoids!

  • The Key tattoo on the right actually arrived in my inbox at Gen Con 2016! Talk about crazy timing!
  • The Key was in honor of a friend who goes by Tiki, and who has a key with a T cut into it tattooed on his arm– a “T-key”
  • During our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, backers will be able to see Ian Hunter drawing the Tribal Double Helix on the left via time-lapse video he took for us!
  • That kickin’ Electric Guitar was designed by Lars Van Zandt, who fans of our Facebook Page may remember seeing after playing the Tattoo! at the Gaming Paper booth. He enjoyed it enough to do a few designs for us this year!
Lars Van Zandt at Gen Con 2016
Fierce, like a tiger!

The other main thing we’ve worked on is keeping the great tattoo buying-and-scoring gameplay while improving the value of the box overall. As such, the game now will come in a square box with a point track instead of tiny tokens that roll everywhere. This has the benefit of both reducing the cost of the game, but also reducing the shipping weight– a win-win!

Finally, as some may remember, we were offering one exclusive variant card with each Kickstarted copy of the game. We’re currently looking to add even more variant art cards to backers’ rewards

Where We Are Going

Gen Con, baby! We will be back at the best four days in gaming this August, ready to show off Tattoo! The Game of Ink once again. RSVP here to get all updates!

Following Gen Con, we’ll be ready to return to Kickstarter, likely in mid-September 2017. We’l have lots of announcements leading up to that, so stay tuned here, on Facebook, Twitter, and by signing up for our mailing list! The more people know about the game ahead of time, the sooner we can get it into your hands and onto your tables.

Have a great summer, and stay tuned for the next update on Pigment!

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